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In selecting Corsi for our breeding program here at Difesa Cane Corso, we are looking for those which display the true Corso temperament: dominant, pushy, driven, defensive, and very loyal to and trusting of family. We at Difesa Cane Corso are looking to produce stable temperaments by using dogs and bitches with stable temperaments. We do not use 'aloof with strangers' to excuse poor temperaments which can reflect fear or shyness. We carefully select our Corsi who, even at a young age, showed an inquisitive nature, a brave demeanor, recovered quickly from excitation, and who were attentive to surroundings. We choose Corsi who are easily motivated to work and train. We work and push our Corsi in mutliple venues to prove the strength of their temperaments. We are looking to produce guardian dogs who will be protective out of confidence and proper training, not out of fear.
Correct Corso Temperament
With the Cane Corso becoming a more popular breed, more poor health traits are likely to spawn from poor breeding and miseducation. At this time, the Corso's primary health concerns are that of most large and giant breed dogs: hip dyplasia, elbow dysplasia, heart disease, and eye issues such as cherry eye, ectropion, and entropion. The breed also has some issues with Epilepsy. We have gone above and beyond to prove our Corsi are healthy. Their heart, hips, and elbows have been certified with OFA as normal and their hips also with PennHip as clear of Degenerative Joint Disease. They have had their eyes evaluated by a board certified Ophthomologist as clear of entropion, ectropion, and other hereditary eye disorders. They have regular health screenings with our veterinarian to assure no other issues have developed. We are willing and able to produce certificates for all of these testings.
Health Testing