In selecting Corsi for our breeding program here at Difesa Cane Corso, we are NOT willing to sacrifice temperament or health. The Cane Corso should be loyal and able to be trusted wth family. We at Difesa Cane Corso are looking to produce stable temperaments by using dogs and bitches with stable temperaments. We do not use 'aloof with strangers' to excuse poor temperaments, which can reflect fear or shyness. We carefully select Corsi who, even at a young age, showed an inquisitive nature, a brave demeanor, recovered quickly from excitation, and who were attentive to surroundings. We choose Corsi who are easily motivated to work and train. We work and push our Corsi in mutliple venues to prove the strength of their temperaments. We are looking to produce guardian dogs who will be protective out of confidence and proper training, not out of fear. We ensure the health of our breeding dogs by performing appropriate health testing on all of our breeding dogs.
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