Because of our commitment to the Cane Corso and to rescue, we do not breed very often. We are a small hobby breeder so only breed when the appropriate timing arises; where there is potential to create phenomenal Corsi considering both the dam (mother) and the sire (father). We have high expectations for our puppy owners and put a lot of time and effort into screening homes for our puppies. We do sell our puppies with a health guarantee, puppy contract (this will change based on the puppy's potential for work, conformation, and temperament) and breeder support for the lifetime of the puppy. If you are interested in a Difesa Cane Corso puppy, please contact us with questions.

Purchasing a puppy from a breeder should be more than just a sale. Puppies are a huge commitment and a ton of work. We are firm believers in putting in the maximum amount of effort to ensure our puppies have the best chance possible at being stable, confident, and outgoing dogs. We expose our puppies to as many stimulating sights, sounds, and people as we safely can. We push our puppies to think their way through puzzles and work through obstacles. We start building a strong foundation with clicker training and shaping some simple behaviors to help make our puppies enjoyable members of the family. We begin crate training with our puppies to help make their transition into their new homes easier for all involved. We also take screening homes for our puppy families very seriously. This is not only for the puppies, but because we prefer to create a partnership with our puppy families, so we can be there every step of the way, to help our puppy families make the best choices possible for their puppies.

Not only do we prepare our puppies mentally, but we make sure each puppy is in the best possible health before leaving. Our puppies are seen by a veterinarian before they leave our home. They will have their dewclaws removed and tails docked, a HomeAgain microchip implanted, age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings, a 36 month health warranty/guarantee, and life time breeder support. As a veterinary technician, health is of paramount importance to us here at Difesa Cane Corso. We are still actively working with our dogs in IPO, Agility, Obedience, work full time jobs, and are spending lots of time with our puppies, so please, serous inquiries only.
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