the Prospects

Not every puppy who enters our home will meet our requirements to be used for breeding. We have held back three puppies from our breeding of
GCH Armstrong Della Porta Dipinta CGC, TT x CH Difesa Deal with the Jealousy CGC, RATNX, RI
and are co-owning an additional two. We could not have been more pleased with how the puppies from this breeding have turned out, and look forward to watching these puppies prove themselves. 

Our future is dependent on the decisions we make today. Because of that, we will not compromise when it comes to the quality of dogs we use in our program, we will only settle for the best. We also feel strongly about being open with what we have produced. The only way the Cane Corso is going to successfully move forward is if breeders from all around the globe learn to work with each other and learn from each other. For details on any of our litters, please check out our Previous Litters page, and select the appropriate announcement.
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Difesa Will Leave You Jealous
Difesa Jealous Little Monster
Difesa Troublesome Jealousy