We are a small hobby breeder located in the mountains of southwestern Virginia. We are dedicated to producing dogs of sound temperament, structure, and working aptitude to retain the breed's original design and fortitude, but the focus of our program is on temperament and health.

We understand that, while we are striving to produce an excellent working Cane Corso, most of our puppies are fortunate enough to become family companions. Because of this, we pride ourselves in the amount of time and effort we put into preparing our puppies for their new lives as family companions when they leave here at 10 weeks of age. We are proud to utilize Puppy Culture as part of our puppy raising program as well as incorporating our own socializing, desensitizing, and training; our puppies do leave here crate trained. We take pairing puppies with their future families seriously, and do our best to understand the wants and needs of our puppy families through an application/interview process.

Health testing is not negotiable with our breeding dogs. We screen all of the dogs in our breeding program with a minimum of hip and elbow radiographs as well as cardiac screening. We offer a 36 month health guarantee/warranty for our puppies and we offer life time breeder support for each of our puppy families. All of our puppies leave here with their ears cropped, tails docked, a veterinary exam, age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings, a microchip already implanted and registered, and a month of health insurance. Our puppies do leave here crate trained and with a foundation in obedience with clicker training.

We have been involved in the Cane Corso for nearly 15 years, and have been selectively breeding for 5 years. We have spent time with countless Cane Corso, we have visited with many breeders in their homes across the US, and we have even been to Europe to see the first World Cane Corso Championship, and we know we offer fantastic Corsi. We promise to do so with the utmost integrity, respect and sincerity. We have worked with our dogs and through various certifications and competitions, as well as acquiring  the opinions of professionals, in order to better know the dogs in our program so we can better know our puppies.
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