About Ydra

Ydra is available to a family in the southwestern Virginia area on a co-ownership agreement. She is a 1 year old (born 11/14/19), black brindle, female Cane Corso out of our Slony x Caoihme breeding. Ydra is a beautiful girl, with lovely structure, and phenomenal temperament and is still considered a breeding prospect for Difesa Cane Corso.

Ydra is a sweet and affectionate girl who is social, confident, outgoing, and independent. Ydra is good with other dogs and puppies. Ydra is also social with people. She loves to play fetch and loves to play in the water. She is a robust girl weighing 100 pounds and 26 inches at the withers at 1 year of age. Ydra is crate trained, house trained, leash trained, is obedience trained, and has a foundation in IGP style tracking. She has had extensive socializing, has been taken to multiple stores, and has even had an overnight stay with friends! Ydra has high drive and medium energy.

Ydra's Health

Ydra is current on vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and flea and tick prevention. Ydra did have a traumatic injury to her right front elbow when she was 5 months old. Ydra received orthopedic surgery to repair the fracture, and has since fully recovered. Ydra is an active girl, but would do best with regular, low impact exercise. Ydra is fully covered by Trupanion Health Insurance, and any potential issues she may have with her elbow will be covered by Trupanion (we are happy to provide details).

If you are interested in Ydra, please go to the contact link for email and phone number information. We do have an interview and application process for puppy placement. We take puppy placement very seriously and do our best to prepare puppies for their forever homes.

Thank you for visiting our site. We have posted many pictures and lots of information about the dam and sire in this breeding throughout the website. You can click their names to go to their individual pages.

Please, serious inquiries only.
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GCHArmstrong Della Porta Dipinta TT, CGC
CH Difesa Deal with the Jealousy CGC, RATN, RI
Hips: OFA Good | Elbows: OFA Normal | Heart: OFA Normal
Hips: OFA Good | Elbows: OFA Normal | Heart: OFA Normal
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Ydra is Available!
Black Brindle Female
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Cozy Ydra
Stacked Ydra
Ydra in the field
Ydra and her jolly ball
Crazy Ydra
Ydra and the clouds
Ydra and her other ball