We are excited to announce our next litter has arrived at Difesa Cane Corso between Slony and Lenore!
5 puppies were born April 25, 2021!
We anticipate drivey, confident, stable, and out going puppies. Lenore has been very successful out on the working field and is excelling in PSA (Protection Sports Association), and Slony has already proven himself in reproduction in our breeding program.

We do not have any puppies available from this breeding. If you have questions about this breeding, please go to the contact link. We will contact you within a few days. Thank you for visiting our site. We have posted many pictures and lots of information about the two dogs in this breeding throughout  the website. You can click their names above to go to their individual pages.

Special thanks to Kristin Clark for all she has done with Lenore in training and raising Lenore to be the incredible working bitch that she is today.
The Cliche Litter is here!
click here for Slony's pedigree
GCH Armstrong Della Porta Dipinta TT, CGC
Difesa Nevermore
Hips OFA Good | Elbows OFA Normal | Heart OFA Normal
Hips OFA Normal | Elbows OFA R DJD, L Normal | Heart OFA Normal
click here for Lenore's pedigree
The puppies have arrived!
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Black Brindle Female
Brindle Male
Grey Brindle Female
Chestnut Brindle Male
Grey Brindle Female