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Ambrosia is available!
Registry: AKC
Pedigree: Sire
Pedigree: Dam
Born: October 7, 2023
Color: Black Brindle
Bite: scissors, but could change
Expected Weight: 90-95 pounds
Dam: Difesa Troublesome Jealousy IGP1
Sire: Bacco BH
Kennel: Difesa Cane Corso
Litter Information

Ambrosia is a confident, outgoing girl who loves to explore and climb! Despite her love to climb, she is a good girl in her pen and respects her boundaries. Ambrosia gets along well with other puppies and dogs. Ambrosia does tend to be bossy, and so would do best with male dogs or as the only dog. Ambrosia has been introduced to children and was raised with our intense puppy raising program. As with all of our puppies, Ambrosia is current on her age appropriate vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and she has a current exam with a veterinarian. Ambrosia has been microchipped and she is actively enrolled in Trupanion pet insurance. Ambrosia is crate trained and well on her way to being house trained. Please contact us with serious inquiries only.
Ambrosia at 1 week
Ambrosia at 3 weeks
Ambrosia at 7 weeks
Ambrosia at 9 weeks
Ambrosia at her Swim Lesson
Ambrosia at 10 weeks
Ambrosia Stacked at 10 weeks
Ambrosia at 11weeks